The Dreamy Trending Manicure of 2023: Milk Bath Nails

The Dreamy Trending Manicure of 2023: Milk Bath Nails

The Dreamy Trending Manicure of 2023: Milk Bath Nails
The Dreamy Trending Manicure of 2023: Milk Bath Nails

Manicure. Immerse yourself in the romantic allure of a milk bath, with delicate flowers gracefully adorning the surface, enticing you to experience a tranquil soak. It's no wonder that this spring, we are embracing the enchanting ambiance and translating it to our nails through the latest internet sensation: milk bath nails.

As the name suggests, milk bath nails capture the essence of their inspiration. According to celebrity nail artist Brittney Boyce, these nails typically involve applying milky white polish, often in the form of dip or gel. They are then adorned with hand-drawn flower decals or even real dried flower fragments. Queenie Nguyen, another celebrity nail artist from Nailing Hollywood, concurs, emphasizing that these nails aim to replicate the ethereal appearance of flowers floating in a milky bath.

Like any nail trend, you have the freedom to personalize and put your own spin on milk bath nails. Experiment with vibrant hues such as bright blue or pink, or incorporate other designs, like the timeless French manicure. Regardless of your approach, both experts agree that milk bath nails are the perfect choice to complement your spring looks.

"It maintains a neutral tone while being cute and distinctive," says Boyce. "I particularly prefer this look on natural or shorter extensions."

Achieving the Look at Home

The good news is that you can easily create milk bath nails by yourself. Boyce recommends starting by filing your nails to the desired length and shape. Next, buff your nail bed and cleanse it with alcohol to remove any natural oils, ensuring longer-lasting color. Apply a base coat to enhance the longevity of your chosen shade.

For the initial layer, opt for a milky shade. If you prefer the classic milk bath nail, Boyce suggests using a white milky polish like Aprés Nail's Baby's Breath or Nguyen's pick, OPI's Funny Bunny. While the layer is still wet, press a few decals or dried flowers onto the polish. Allow the polish to dry for a few minutes before applying another layer of the milky shade, creating the illusion of flowers submerged in milky water. Seal it all with a topcoat, and you're ready to go.

If you don't have dried flowers on hand, don't worry. Nguyen suggests using stickers as an alternative. You can also experiment with other designs or keep it simple with just the milky shade. The choice is yours, so go with what resonates best with your style.

Requesting the Look at the Salon

Given the popularity of milk bath nails during spring nails and summer nail, Nguyen assures that you can easily request them at a salon, and your nail artist should be familiar with the technique. If needed, you can also describe the style as "a milky white nail color with encapsulated dried flowers" for further clarity.

Boyce advises bringing pictures of the nails (or any nail look you desire) to provide a visual reference to your nail artist. "Show your favorite images to your nail artist and see if they can recreate the same look," she suggests. "Visual references are always helpful. That way, both of you are on the same page."

With these considerations in mind, we've curated eight milk bath nail art designs that will inspire and excite you for the upcoming spring. Enjoy!

Festive Spirit

Not all milk bath nails need to be centered around flowers. Opt for cool 3D ornaments against a milky white background for a uniquely festive nail design.

Vibrant Blossom

Mix and match different designs on your hand for a fun and playful look. Pair a chevron French tip with square milk bath nails featuring orange and yellow florals and butterflies, creating the perfect spring ensemble.

Enchanting Garden

To add subtle elegance to the classic milk bath nails, embellish them with delicate gold shimmer leaves as additional accents.

Delicate Details

These intricate and minuscule floral decals create a mesmerizing design on your milk bath nails. The green metallic accent nails perfectly complement the overall aesthetic.

Glossy Milk

Sometimes, decor is unnecessary. Elevate the milky bath shades by incorporating a sheen. Opt for a dreamy combination of white and pink shades with a glossy finish for a stunning nail look.

Heavenly Clouds

In line with the ethereal ambiance, paint blue cloud-like designs at the nail tips to complement the overall heavenly aesthetic. Allowing your white milky base to blend into the baby blue creates a captivating combination.

Chrome Elegance

The blend of pink and white shades for your milky base is already beautiful on its own. Instead of adding designs, opt for a bold finish like metallic glaze to achieve a chrome effect.

Milky French

A viral nail trend is incomplete without a French manicure version. Opt for a monochromatic approach with a milky white base that gently overlays the bright white French tip, creating an elegant and subtle peek-through effect.

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