40+ Must-Try Nail Designs for 2023

Nails Designs. If you're in need of a simple mood booster, a fabulous manicure can always do the trick. Instead of spending hours scrolling through Instagram before your next nail appointment, we've done the work for you. We've gathered the most captivating nail trends that have been flooding our feeds in the past few months.

Nail Designs for 2023
40+ Must-Try Nail Designs for 2023

From modern twists on the classic French manicure to mismatched nails and stunning dip powder creations, there's a nail design for every mood, vibe, and nail shape. Currently, almond nails are particularly popular.

Whether you're planning a visit to the salon or opting for a DIY approach with this season's trendiest nail polish colors (don't forget to brush up on your at-home nail painting skills), we've got you covered with the top nail designs for 2023.

What are the latest trends in nail art designs?

According to Jan Arnold, the cofounder of CND, the seasons greatly influence the latest nail art trends. As we transition from the dreary winter months, people are seeking fresh, clean, and vibrant colors. This spring, the focus is on clean and cheerful designs with whimsical elements like shimmer, holographic effects, and reflective shine.

Can nail art work for all nail shapes and lengths, including short nails?

"A short, simple nail shape calls for a dimensional design that enhances the hands through color," says Arnold. She suggests trying different shades on each nail, a micro-French design, or combining both techniques. Celebrity manicurist Betina Goldstein offers some excellent examples of stunning nail art for shorter nails.

Nail Designs for 2023 You’ll Want to Try Immediately

Here are the top nail designs you won't want to miss in 2023:

1. Aura Nails

Choose your desired aura color with this mood ring-inspired design. Pink symbolizes an open heart chakra. #auranails #nails #auraspa

2. Nail Freckles

Create a minimalist look with nail freckles, also known as "nail beauty marks." @emmeliagrace_beauty introduced this unique design that's surprisingly easy to replicate using a nail marker like the one from Nails Inc. #nail #freckles #nails #model #nailart #naildesign #naildesigns #gelnails #nailsoftheday #nailsonfleek #beautiful #nailsart

3. Glitter Bomb

When it comes to glitter, more is more. Use a multicolor polish like Ella + Mila's "Party in a Bottle" to add extra dimension. #glitter #nail #nails #beauty #nailart #fashion #nailswag #naildesign #naildesigns #gelnails #art #nailsart

4. Mermaid Vibes

Embrace the under-the-sea trend with this Ariel-approved manicure. Opt for nontoxic nail polishes infused with micro-shimmer from Zoya's daydreaming collection.

5. Cheery Cherries

Channel nostalgia and '90s vibes with this cherry and French combo.

6. Velvet Tips

Velvet nails took Instagram by storm during the holidays, but they're still going strong. Tone down the mesmerizing effect by focusing the velvet texture on the tips.

7. Checkerboard Nails

Colorful checkerboard patterns have become a fashion staple, and now they're making their way onto nails. Adding the pattern only on your tips amplifies the quirky factor.

8. French Manicure

The classic French manicure isn't going anywhere, and there are countless ways to wear it. Explore our guide to discover the best French manicure ideas for inspiration.

9. Mismatched Hands

For a unique and eye-catching look, try different colored nails on each hand. Embrace the current trend with shades like lilac and moss green. Essie's "Get a Mauve On" and "Precious Car-Go!" offer a similar vibe.

10. Pastel Swirls

The metallic, pastel, ombré effect of this design exudes a calming vibe. The best part? These are actually nail wraps, making it super easy to achieve the same look at home.

11. Black-and-White Flowers

Create a graphic and cool look by pairing white-and-black nail designs with traditionally feminine flowers.

12. Soft Skittles

The Skittles mani, featuring a different shade on each nail, was a huge trend over the past three years. Update it for 2023 with a more neutral and muted color palette.

13. Graphic Edge

Negative space nail art never goes out of style, and this graphic black and gold design takes it to the next level.

14. Cool Emerald

Jewel tones are always chic, regardless of your nail length. Deep green is currently one of the trending nail colors. Add a touch of elegance with gold glitter accents.

15. Mismatched Art

Experiment with different designs on each nail for a creative and playful look. This style is especially fun if you're doing it yourself, allowing you to play with a variety of colors.

16. Edgy French

Give the French manicure a bold twist by using a bright red base and black tips. This chic combination looks stunning with an all-black outfit and stacked rings. Try OPI's "Big Apple Red" and Sally Hansen's "Insta Dri" in "Black to Black."

17. Golden Swirls

Achieve a luxurious nail art look with minimal effort. All you need is a tiny detail brush, metallic gold polish, and a crisp, bright white shade.

18. '90s Butterflies

Combine butterfly decals with a throwback French manicure for an adorable and nostalgic look.

19. Holographic Manicure

There's nothing better than an eye-catching manicure that requires minimal effort. Enter holographic nail polish, which instantly elevates your nails. Try Pacifica's "Moonray Hologloss 7 Free Top Coat" for a super-shiny finish.

20. Sunflowers

Embrace the spirit of summer all year long with cheerful sunflower nail art. DIY this design using a toothpick and a solid yellow polish like Essie's "Atelier at the Bay."

21. Smiley-Face Nails

Spread joy with smiley-face nail designs that are currently trending on the internet. Celebrities like Dua Lipa and Harry Styles, as well as numerous nail bloggers, have been seen rocking this playful look.

22. Foil French

Combine multiple popular nail looks into one with this eye-catching green foil French design.

23. Pretty Purples

The contrast between graphic shapes and the softness of the purple hue creates a truly genius look. Use Paintbox's "Power Couples in Like Lilac + Like Muse" for the exact shades.

24. Pink Ombré

Can't decide on a single shade? Use different tones of the same color on each nail or mix your base shade with varying levels of white for a stunning ombré effect.

25. Pastel Tips

Explore yet another variation of French tips with a rainbow of pastel shades. This style combines modern and retro elements.

26. Negative-Space Hearts

Make hearts cool and edgy with a negative-space design featuring poppy red. Paint over a heart-shaped sticker, let it dry, and peel it off for an effortlessly chic look. Check out our Valentine's Day nails guide for more heart nail ideas.

27. Slime Green

Our love for slime lives on even after our Nickelodeon days. Follow nail artist Betina Goldstein's lead by using Essie's "Blanc" as a base and "Stencil Me In" for a vibrant green pop.

28. Blingy Blooms

Elevate classic daisy nail art by adding gemstones at the center. If you have longer nails, sprinkle additional stones in any blank spaces for extra sparkle.

29. Silver Glitter

When you want something more than a basic manicure but can't visit the salon, opt for a high-coverage glitter polish. Try Olive & June's "Exclamation Point" for a similar shade.

30. Realistic Flowers

Enter the rabbit hole of Etsy nail decals and discover a whole new world. These photorealistic roses are perfect for those who appreciate artistry and botanical beauty.

31. Baby French

Enhance a French manicure by using two shades of pink. Thin lines look adorable on shorter nails, while thicker tips create a cute acrylic nail design.

32. Doodle Nails

Treat each nail like a page in a scrapbook with this popular trend from 2021. Mix stickers and hand-painted designs for a unique and creative mix.

33. Moody Half Moons

Chic and sophisticated, this negative-space mani with half-moon shapes is great for longevity. The intentional growth adds to its overall appeal.

34. Tiny Florals

You don't need a green thumb to appreciate these delicate daisies. Achieve perfect symmetry by using a toothpick or the end of a bobby pin to create symmetrical dots.

35. Colorful French

Put a twist on the classic French manicure by using different colored tips on each nail. Add a gold decal for an extra special touch.

36. Blue Ombré

Spice up your go-to manicure by using different shades of blue on each finger for a stunning ombré effect.

37. Green Swirls

Green is currently having a major moment, both in fashion and nail trends. Optimize your manicure by using two shades of green and incorporating a groovy swirl design.

38. Mix and Match

Make a statement by combining multiple trendy nail designs on each finger. A bright color palette will make your nails truly eye-catching.

39. Angel Numbers and Aura

Elevate the aura nail trend by incorporating angel numbers into your design, taking it to the next energetic level.

40. Moody French

Black is back and cooler than ever, thanks to influences like Wednesday Addams and the gothcore trend.

41. Metallic Rainbow

Can't decide on a single design? Opt for a pointy French shape with multiple glitter polish shades for a dazzling metallic rainbow effect. It's versatile and goes well with any outfit.

42. Clean Girl Aesthetic

Achieve a squeaky-clean and balletcore aesthetic with this natural look. Halle Berry wears CND Shellac in "Uncovered" to achieve this trend.

43. Groovy Vibes

The '70s are making a comeback, and these neutral colors and "yin-yang meets checkerboard" patterns are both fun and retro, without overwhelming your look.

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