Almond Nails: The Ultimate Trendsetter

The Best Summer Nail Trends to Inspire Your Next Manicure

The Best Summer Nail Trends to Inspire Your Next Manicure
The Best Summer Nail Trends to Inspire Your Next Manicure

Almond Nails: The Ultimate Trendsetter

This nail shape suits everyone effortlessly.

Almond-shaped nails are like the versatile little black dress of the nail world. They complement all nail beds, whether long or short, and their softly rounded tips beautifully enhance any nail design while elongating your fingers.

"Almond-shaped nails have always been a personal favorite of mine because they are universally flattering," says renowned manicurist Chloe Corbishley-Bull. "They exude a natural elegance and never fail to impress."

Moreover, this shape provides ample space for creative designs and artwork. Below, you'll find ten almond-shaped nail ideas that range from vibrant colors and modern twists to playful designs and stunning artwork. Let them inspire you for your next appointment, and embrace this popular manicure shape.

Express Yourself with Abstract Nail Art

Abstract nail designs allow your artistic side to shine, as anything goes. Think whimsical swirls, bold dots, and unconventional shapes. The uniqueness of abstract designs blends seamlessly with the almond shape, offering a soft and harmonious finish.

"Abstract nail art on almond-shaped nails is my current obsession, as inspiration is truly limitless," says Bull.

For this design, the manicurist starts with a nude base color and uses her favorite Brillbird Brush & Go Color Gel, specifically the shade GO1, to create abstract sections and lines. The best part is that you can have fun experimenting with different colors to craft your own pattern.

Elevate the Classic French Manicure with Pink Elegance

The almond shape and the classic French manicure are a match made in heaven.

"I'm completely obsessed with a cute French manicure, and this design offers a delightful twist on the traditional look," says Bull. "I drew inspiration from beautiful le mini macaron nail stickers."

To achieve this chic style, Bull begins by applying The GelBottle polish in the shade 19 Biab as the base color. Then, she uses The GelBottle polish in Marilyn to paint the tips.

"Start from the free edge of the nail and drag your brush around from one end to the other. Then, go back in and refine the lines," she explains. Finish off the design by adding a le mini macaron butterfly nail sticker and a glossy topcoat.

Strawberry Fields: Fun and Fruity

These short almond-shaped nails adorned with strawberry designs exude a playful and fruity charm. The shape of the individual strawberries complements the almond shape perfectly, while the vibrant red color creates a captivating contrast against the nude base polish.

"To create this design, use OPI Beyond Pale Pink as the base color. For the strawberries, you can use OPI Red-y For The Holidays, OPI Two Timing Zones The Zones, and OPI Olive For Green for the leaves," Bull advises.

After applying the nude base color, use Brillbird's Nail Art line brush to create upside-down egg shapes.

"Once the egg shapes are dry, add little white seeds using the very tip of your art brush and let them dry," says Bull. "Finally, paint one green line in the middle and two on either side to give the strawberries a green top. Complete the look with a topcoat."

Pretty Pastels for a Delicate Touch

Add a unique twist to the classic French manicure with pastel tips, while the gold and white dotted border accentuates the beauty of almond-shaped nails. Bull achieves this pattern using OPI nail polishes in That's Hula-rious, Mexico City Move Mint, Do You Lilac It, Don't Tell a Sol, and To Infinity and Blue-yond.

"Start by applying a nude base. Next, paint the French tips using the Brillbird 0 Brush," Bull instructs. "Dip the brush in the polish of your choice and drag it from one corner of the nail to the next, using acetone to tidy up the lines."

After letting the tips dry, use a dotting tool to add white dots, leaving spaces between each dot.

"Once the white dots have dried, add gold dots in the spaces and finish with a topcoat," she advises.

Embrace Happiness with Happy Faces

Who can resist a cheerful happy face? To achieve this look, Bull starts with a nude base and uses a dotting tool with shades of Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polish in Lavender, Berry Sorbet, Acai Smoothie, and OPI To Infinity and Blue-yond.

"I refine the lines of the circles with the Brillbird 0 Brush and let them dry before adding the details with the same brush and Barry M Hi Shine polish in Black Forest. To create the eyes, gently press your brush down on the nail to form two oval shapes," she explains.

For the smile, use the tip of the brush to draw a fine line. Seal the design with a high-gloss topcoat.

Sheer Sparkle: Subtle Glamour

For those times when you desire a little extra flair beyond a clear or neutral polish, sheer sparkle designs are the perfect choice. They offer a touch of elegance that can be appreciated year-round.

Ombré Magic

An almond-shaped canvas allows for stunning ombré manicures. Take advantage of this shape to create a tri-color gradient that transitions from light pink to hot pink and finally to red at the tip.

Stripes for a Playful Touch

Stripes can elongate short almond-shaped nails, and when combined with vibrant colors, they evoke dreams of warmer weather.

Floral Tips: Nail Tips as Art

Who says nail tips can't be a work of art? In this design, the surface area of the nail remains nude, allowing the painted floral design on the surrounding nail to take center stage.

Galaxy Nails: Stellar Beauty

Excuse the pun, but these nails are truly out of this world. The larger size of the almond shape provides ample room for a captivating galaxy-inspired design to shine.

Let these summer nail trends inspire your next manicure, and embrace the creativity and elegance of almond-shaped nails. Whether you opt for abstract art, classic French manicures, fruity designs, delicate pastels, happy faces, sheer sparkle, ombré gradients, playful stripes, floral tips, or galaxy nails, your nails are sure to turn heads with these trendy styles.

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