Google Launches an AI Named Bard, Becomes a Heavy Competitor of ChatGPT

Google Launches an AI Named Bard, Becomes a Heavy Competitor of ChatGPT

The popularity of ChatGPT apparently made Google hot by launching an Artificial Intelligence (AI) named Bard.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said Bard would take Google's first steps in developing AI.

Currently he said, Bard is still limited to testing. But he promised, the Bard would be available to the public.

"Two years ago we launched the next generation of language and conversational capabilities powered by our Language Model for Dialog Applications (or LaMDA for short)" he said.

According to him, Bard, which is currently being piloted, is an experimental conversational AI service and is supported by LaMDA.

"And today, we're taking it a step further by opening it up to trusted testers before making it more widely available to the general public in the coming weeks." he insisted.

In detail, Sundar Pichai explained that Bard would be an AI that combines 'knowledge of the world' with the power, intelligence and creativity of language models.

Bard will meet the needs of users by collecting information from around the world web.

This is what will make the user experience in using Bard more satisfying.

“Poets can be an outlet for creativity, and a launching pad for increasing curiosity,” he says.

In fact, with Bard's abilities, users can explain new discoveries from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope to a 9-year-old child.

Users can also get information about the best strikers in football today.

Google said the initial release of Bard used a light version of the LaMDA model, explaining that "this much smaller model requires a lot less computing power, allows us to scale more users, allows for more feedback," it said.

According to him, Bard will be adopted in the Google search engine. Allows users to distill complex information into simpler ones.

"So you can quickly grasp the big picture and learn more from the web," he says.

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