Do These 5 Things With The New AI-Powered Microsoft Bing

New AI-Powered Microsoft Bing

Microsoft announced an enhanced Bing search engine on Tuesday (7/2/2023). The tech giant details how it uses its ChatGPT-powered artificial intelligence (AI) technology to add many new capabilities to Bing.

Microsoft says the upgraded Bing will be widely available in the coming months. This service will not be charged.

Microsoft Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Satya Nadella said the increase in Bing was aimed at picking up queries that are not getting good results in today's search engines. People are increasingly using search engines to get advice and information on complex topics, not just websites, and the AI improvements in Bing aim to make them more useful.

"This is a new day in search," Nadella said at the event. Here are some things you can try with AI-powered search.

Applying the OpenAI model to its search ranking engine

Reporting from CNET, Thursday (9/2/2023), what's new here is that Microsoft has implemented the OpenAI model on its search ranking engine. The company says it led to a big jump in search result relevance. So Microsoft believes you'll find better responses to your basic searches on Bing.

AI also augments search results with written summaries. One use case that Microsoft predicts will be popular is planning a trip.

For example, what should you do if you go to New Orleans for three days? A search on Bing will show you not only links to sites with sight-seeing suggestions and New Orleans museums, but also sidebars with summaries of information from around the web, written by AI. The sidebar will link to the source allowing you to explore further.

Ask more questions

If you want to ask more questions after the initial search on Bing, you can click the chat icon near the top of the search page. For example travel planning.

You can do things like clarify that you're visiting New Orleans with the kids, or request a three-day itinerary for your visit. Bing can offer very subtle results in this conversation format. In addition to a detailed itinerary with descriptions of the places you'll be visiting, for example, you can inquire about travel times between activities in New Orleans.

Asking more questions also applies to seeking advice on home improvement projects, such as installing air conditioning in your home. This can provide you with information that is more relevant to your project.

Write a lot of things

The new Bing can write something for you. For example, you can ask Bing to write an email to your partner summarizing what you found. You can edit a post from Bing, then click the new email text box and ask Bing to enter it there.

You can also ask Bing to write something with a new prompt, similar to the many ChatGPT compose examples that users have been sharing online recently.

You can prompt Bing with commands like “write a story about the curious dog who went to the moon for preschoolers” to something more serious like “write a letter to my apartment opposing the upcoming rent hike.” You can also change the tone of the writing, such as asking it to be funny.

More detailed information

You'll be able to open the Bing sidebar and get more information about something you see online in the newly revamped Edge browser. For example, you can open a product listing on Amazon, then open the sidebar to ask Bing to tell you about the product. This will give you an overview of product specifications, costs, and use cases.

You can also request a sample review of a particular item from Bing. Then, Bing can also provide a long document summary, then compare it with other documents.

Ask tricky questions

An example of this functionality is that you can inquire about a Mexican painter on the new Bing and you will get a written summary of the key players and their job descriptions.

You can click the link to the source to learn more, if you like, or you can request more detailed results in the chat function.

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