2023 Korean Summer Hairstyle Trends

Korean Summer Hairstyle. Summer has arrived, and in Korea, trends are in full swing, including hairstyles. If you're considering getting your hair done in Korea but need some inspiration, here are the top trends for summer 2023. We've gathered insights from renowned Korean hairstylists to bring you the most popular trendy hairstyles and colors for both men and women this season. Let's explore them together! 

1. Paper Cut

The Paper Cut is a natural and refreshing short hairstyle with subtle layers, providing a lighter appearance. This style pairs exceptionally well with linen shirts, creating a casual and effortless look.

2. Miro Cut

Compared to the previously popular Tassel Cut, the Miro Cut features more natural ends, resulting in a relaxed and casual vibe. Pairing it with a Miro Perm adds sweetness and cuteness to the overall image. Alternatively, when paired with a shorter top, it exudes a trendy and edgy charm.

3. Pleats Cut

The Pleats Cut involves adding a few layers to create a light and fresh look perfect for the summer season. Hairstylists recommend combining this style with asymmetrical shirts or unique designs to enhance its freedom and trendiness.

4. Hush Cut

The Hush Cut has maintained its popularity for several years, and it continues to shine this summer. Many Korean female celebrities, such as Red Velvet's Wendy, Girls' Generation's YoonA, IU, and more, have embraced this stylish and feminine hairstyle. It's a coveted look that many aspire to try.

5. Pixie Cut


The Pixie Cut is typically associated with short hair, but there's also a version for longer hair. The natural layers of this style accentuate facial features and face shape, emanating a trendy yet chic vibe.

Stay on-trend this summer with these Korean hairstyle trends for 2023. Whether you opt for the Paper Cut, Miro Cut, Pleats Cut, Hush Cut, or Pixie Cut, you're sure to rock a fashionable and refreshing look throughout the season.

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