15 Trendy Korean Short Hairstyles 2023

Korean Short Hairstyles. Some might say that Korean short hairstyles have been one of the dark horses this year in terms of trends, but honestly, we saw this coming. After years of super long extensions, excessive waves and curls, it's definitely time to refresh the palette. We first toyed with the concept with some bangs, where we could play with length without sacrificing too much.

Then came the L.A. messy lob that's now everywhere. Then came the '90s redux—thin, static edges, minimal layering—and then here we are, in the center of the blunt bob. And you can believe that South Koreans, as quick adapters to trends, are definitely one of the first on the retro bob bandwagon.

Korean Short Hairstyles 2023

Not to mention that bobs are the only korean hairstyles / Korean short hairstyles making the hot circuit right now: Some iterations of the cropped cut have gone mega-viral, thanks in part to Asian celebrities, models, and ulzzang ("best face") influencers rocking the look. Scroll ahead to see if these trending looks will soon make their mark on you:

1. '90s Korean Bob

This simple and charming Korean bob hairstyle features slightly layered ends for a subtle curve underneath. This look is perfect for anyone looking for a trendy shoulder-length Korean hairstyle that doesn't go too far past the shoulders. The length is super chic!

2. Asymmetrical Korean Bob Cut

A bob with one side slightly longer than the other is perfect for flattering and angled "selca" (Korean selfie) shots. This Korean bob haircut gives off a chic impression.

3. Blunt Korean Bob

Another 1990s-inspired style, this look features relatively straight ends, giving rounder faces more weight at the jawline. We love this length for anyone wanting to go short without going too short.

4. Short Hair, Korean Hairstyle: Bowl Cut

5. Rose Gold Lob

South Koreans are skilled at experimenting with new hair colors and trends. The rose gold lob is one of the feminine Korean short hairstyles you can rock that is still slightly ahead of the curve.

6. Burgundy Lob

7. Ombre Flip

Flipped hair gets a flirty touch with caramel ombré at the ends. It's a Korean women's hairstyle that's loved for its inverted ends leaning into the 2000s trend we've seen.

8. Korean Women's Hairstyle: One-Length Bob

A chic and elegant one-length bob is perfect for conservative or formal settings. Choose a side part to switch up your usual hairstyle or stick with the center for a more structured look.

9. Medium Korean Hairstyle: Shag

Alternatively, you can showcase your individuality with a bright blonde shag hairstyle—a super hot Korean layered hair look that combines two trends at once. Layers are the most popular thing in 2022, and this is a cool way to follow the trend!

10. Concave Bob

Round baby face shapes can emphasize their aegyo (adorable cuteness) factor with a youthful concave bob—and it's still somewhat slimming.

11. Stacked Bob

The stacked bob is similar to the concave bob, but with slight layering at the back. Add something extra with soft edges.

12. Korean Girls Hairstyle: Tucked Bob

Speaking of the '90s, where would we be without the tucked bob? This look showcases thin, see-through bangs, keeping the ears free for trendy earrings this season.

13. Wavy Bob

14. See-Through Bangs

When Korean trends go viral, they go viral—so much so that you genuinely feel a strange FOMO if you're not part of it. Thin, see-through bangs, especially when paired with Korean short hairstyles, are one of the super stylish looks that have taken over the landscape in a big way.

15. Trendy Shoulder-Length Korean Hair: Blow-Out Lob

Even shoulder-length gets the fine-tuned treatment, but this time in a more polished and mature look: paired with cute and romantic curls. This trendy Korean shoulder-length hair is perfect for many occasions.

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