10 Shimmering Black Nails with Glitter To Give You Extra Glamour

Black Nails

Black Nails
 10 Shimmering Black Nails with Glitter To Give You Extra Glamour

Black Nails with Glitter. Let's talk about classic nails. First up is timeless black polish. It's the perfect manicure for any occasion and the best accessory for any outfit.

Next is glitter, the most traditional nail art tool we can think of. However you apply it to your nails, glitter is sure to make a statement. Now, the question is, can black nails be paired with glitter?

Why, of course!

Although these two nail trends are contrasting, with one being the darkest color and the other bright and dazzling, their contrast makes them a great match.

Black and shimmering nails are your manicure of choice if you want to make a dramatic and elegant impression.

But is black nails with glitter suitable for you?

Keep reading to find out which dazzling black nails are ideal for your skin tone and fashion preferences.

Should You Try Black Nails with Glitter?

Black nail polish originated as a nail lacquer for the royal families in China and became a color that went against mainstream fashion in the '70s.

You would mostly see this manicure worn by rock stars who didn't conform to their usual appearance. It then became a fashion statement for people who identified themselves as goth or emo.

But now, we've come a long way. Black nails have become a fashion trend. They have evolved from rebellious to bold and elegant.

So if you want to exude strong and sophisticated vibes, go for black nails. And for extra glamour, add a touch of glitter.

As a basic rule, cool-toned skin looks great with silver, while warm-toned skin looks like gold. And if you have neutral undertones, you're lucky because you can rock both gold and silver as well as other colors.

Now that you know what undertone you have and which colors suit you, here are our favorite black nails with glitter, categorized by glitter color!

Shimmering Black and Silver Nails

1. Night Sky

Black and shimmering always remind us of stars in the night sky. In this manicure, shimmering black nails beautifully complement pink nail polish. Then, stars, dots, and the moon are hand-painted on the pink nails.

2. Falling Stars

If you think star nail art looks cheap, try this one. This nail set features alternating silver accents and black nails with shimmering lines resembling comet tails.

3. Not Your Average Glitter Nails

When you sport a simple nail design like this, you can wear any outfit. Recreate the look with shimmering black builder gel coated with silver glitter.

4. Striking Black Tips

This acrylic set features glossy black nails, shimmering accent nails on each hand, and black V-cut French tips at the peachy base.

And as if that's not enough, rhinestones are placed at the cuticle on the front of this look.

5. Utterly Elegant

These matte black and shimmering nails showcase a fun play on textures. The sleek matte polish looks sleek with shiny lines resembling snake skin patterns.

What's more, the nails are adorned with silver sparkles, curved French tips, and a silver cross.

6. Chic Two-Tone

Nude nail polish is paired side by side with black randomly placed on each nail, creating an artistic manicure. The silver shimmering detailing on the color breakup gives a clean peeled effect.

7. Sugar Dipped

Black nails with white glitter can also look sweet. Following the sugar-coated trend, this manicure features black nails with dipped tips in sweet glitter.

8. Celestial Nails

Take your black and nude nails on a cosmic adventure with deep blue shimmer.

To mimic the look, paint some of your oval nails with a warm nude base color and others with black polish featuring dark blue glitter. Choose nails to be adorned with celestial objects.

After that, use the same black and dark blue glitter polish for a thin French tip on the remaining nails.

9. Majestic Nail Art

The pointed arch drawn using black polish reminds us of Gothic architecture, particularly church windows. The slim nude nails with V-cut French tips shimmering silver are achieved using hard gel polish.

10. Ready in a Minute

No time to visit a nail salon? Try this quick and easy design to get amazing nails. Paint your nails with black polish and swipe Sally Hansen Deep Sea Diamond on the tips.

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