Low Risk, This Investment Becomes a Powerful Way to Face 2023

Investment Becomes a Powerful Way to Face 2023

This year is often said to be challenging due to global dynamics. Various warnings are often voiced so that we remain careful in facing 2023.

This uncertain condition can be seen from the BI 7-Day Reverse Repo Rate (BI7DRR) which is still on an upward trend, geopolitical conditions that are not yet conducive, rampant layoffs, and so on.

One way to deal with the challenges of uncertainty in 2023 is to prepare an emergency fund. Meanwhile, in order to realize the goal of setting up an emergency fund, people can use money market mutual fund instruments.

The reason money market mutual funds can be used as an alternative to setting up an emergency fund is because this investment instrument has a low risk. Apart from being low risk, this instrument tends to be liquid because the disbursement process usually takes only one day or even a few hours.

As for the yield, most money market mutual funds also offer up to 3-4% per year. With this level of security and yield, this type of mutual fund can also be an option for novice investors, because the yield is above the average deposit rate.

Another advantage is that investment funds can be withdrawn at any time without any deductions or penalties, so it is very helpful if you need fast funds at any time. Money market mutual funds are also easy to come by and are currently available on several e-commerce sites.

One of the products that can be used as an option to enter money market mutual funds is Syailendra Dana Kas (SDK), a flagship product from Syailendra Capital, one of the investment managers with the largest managed funds in Indonesia. Like the advantages mentioned earlier, investors can get high liquidity because it is easily disbursed with little risk to meet cash needs in a short time as well as an attractive investment income level.

"SDK focuses on investing in money market instruments, time deposits, or bonds with maturities of less than one year. SDK provides an alternative investment with high liquidity and attractive performance," said Syailendra as quoted from his Instagram account @reksadana.syailendra Wednesday (28/12 /2022).

SDK is an appropriate investment alternative as a place for temporary parking funds when you have not been able to determine investment goals. SDK can also be a place to store emergency funds so that they are not mixed with daily operational funds and a place to save for short term targets.

With this good performance, the total public funds that have invested in the Syailendra Dana Kas product have now reached IDR 5 trillion.

For novice investors who are interested in SDK, this product is not only available in FinTech applications such as YO! Invest, Bareksa, Ajaib, Pluang, I'm Rich, Tanamduit, Fundtastic, Manage, Pay Attention, Investnow, Open Joint Investment, Xdana, also available in various Banks (Bank BNI, Bank QNB), securities (Mandiri Sekuritas, IPOT Sekuritas, Trimegah Sekuritas , Mirae Asset Sekuritas, Mega Capital Sekuritas, Phillip Sekuritas, MNC Sekuritas), even marketplaces (Tokopedia and Bukalapak).

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