How to Read Full Messages without Opening WhatsApp

How to Read Full Messages WhatsApp

There are times when someone does not want to immediately open WhatsApp messages so that the chat is not visible and prefers to read some of these messages without opening the application.

The process of reading the full message without opening the messaging app is uncomplicated and only takes a minute to prepare. The trick is quite simple and anyone who knows how to use widgets will be able to use them easily.

Reporting from India Today, Thursday (9/2/2023), first, Android phone users must long press on the home screen. Second, tap on a widget and your smartphone will show all widgets on the screen.

Thirdly, keep scrolling down until you find WhatsApp widget. Fourthly, just tap on the WhatsApp widget and it will be added to your home page. You can then long-press on the widget and drag it all the way to the right side until you get to a clean home screen interface.

Fifth, tap the Done button. Long press a widget and swipe it up.

You'll then get an option to expand the widget, and one can expand it to full screen. This will make it easier to read the full message fairly easily.

You just need to scroll down to read all the messages after successfully setting up the WhatsApp widget on any of the homepages. Messages are synced according to chats in the app. The most recent message will be at the top and any previous messages you haven't read will appear below it.

Then, what to remember? People need to avoid tapping on any of the messages on the widget as this will open the chat on WhatsApp and the platform. This will indicate that the message has been read by the recipient.

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