6 Easy Steps to Use YouTube's New Features

YouTube's New Features

YouTube has just launched a new feature called “Go Live Together”. This feature allows content creators to live stream together.

Content creators or any YouTube user with more than 50 subscribers can invite guests or co-hosts to co-livestream from iOS and Android mobile devices.

So, what are the steps that need to be taken to do "Go Live Together"?

  1. Open the YouTube app
  2. Select "Create"
  3. Click "Go Live Together".
  4. After entering livestream details, select "Invite a co-streamer"
  5. Send the invite link to the desired co-streamer.
  6. They will be in the waiting room until the invitee clicks "Go Live".

As Engadget reports, there is no minimum number of subscribers requirement for invited guests, but hosts will be held responsible if guests violate any community guidelines. Hosts can also earn revenue from advertisements that appear in livestreams.

Additionally, YouTube offers a similar feature that allows creators to livestream co-shopping, which allows livestreaming together while linking a brand's account channel.

The Twitch livestream app recently introduced a similar feature in beta called “Guest Star” but allows content creators to invite up to five guests to a livestream.

However, the “Guest Star” system is a little simpler, because by simply pressing the raise hand button, each audience member can be chosen and invited by the host instantly, similar to Clubhouse social media or Twitter Spaces. But unlike YouTube, “Guest Star” on Twitch is only available in the desktop version.

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